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To start with, we would like to ask you a few questions....


Are you, as a human being, ready to take the responsibility for yourself and the health of your family?

Don´t you want to accept the inadequacy of the conventional medicine any longer?

Do you belong to the people, who have become aware of alternatives?

Are you a health care professional or a student of medicine and are you dissatisfied with the limitations of conventional, symptom-oriented medicine, but you still feel committed to the ethical principles of your profession?

If you have answered only one of these questions with "Yes", then...


we would liked to give you an introduction to the "medicine of information" of the 21st century.

We, the Department South West, are one of many departments of the UHPO Ltd. (The CD) which consists of a team of independently working freelancers. The UHPO (CD) Ltd. is based on the 30-years of research by Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe (VEN) who manages his research centre in Buecken / Lower Saxony.

All life and "non" life consists of frequencies or oscillations. Every frequency / oscillation is information. The Genopuls technology is based on the knowledge, that the whole universe, all matter and all life consists of frequencies / oscillations which follow a creative and intelligent system (CIUM).

CIUM stands for: C = creative I = intelligent U = universal M = matter

(more detailed information is to be found on the page Geno62-Sonic / Ciumatic slide)

In the field of energy medicine and „medicine of information“ we take an active and successful part in the area of prevention;

We are focused on the maintenance of the health of the human organism and not on the therapeutic healing of existing illnesses;

We accept the medical-pharmaceutical measures of the conventional school medicine, however, based on more than 25 years of international research & development in the field of alternative healing methods, we take the liberty to have a different opinion.

We demonstrate a new future to all the people in the world, for everybody who has serious doubts concerning the integrity / accuracy of the global profit-driven health-care policy;

We, and this are millions of like-minded people worldwide, we all together will realize this project meticulously, because the recovery begins with US - TODAY!

Maybe we cannot heal the whole of humanity completely - however, with the help of the Geno62-Sonic and the Ciumatic DIA we can make a big contribution to the preservation of the health of all human beings, free of side effects.

Our aim: 1 Geno62-Sonic in every household!

This is not a medical site. The text contained on this website is not to be understood as medical advice, but only as a reference to the research results of Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe (VEN). For medical advice please see a doctor We make no promises of cure with regard to the products which we introduce.


Text under the world population clock – on the right

Approx. 285 million diabetics worldwide.
until 2030 this number will rise to 438 million
Approx. 60 million in Europe and more than 6 million in Germany.
7.5 million new cancer cases worldwide per year.
In Germany approx. 490,000 and 7.5 million deaths worldwide
per year - Trend with all illnesses is significantly rising


Do you want to trust exclusively in the academic medicine?


Take responsibility for your health yourselves.


"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 

Margaret Mead



Cium – Explained in a simple manner

From the idea to the Geno62-Sonic device


Technical and scientifically sound solutions allow astronauts to travel into space. Not only the Teflon coating for frying pans was developed as a by-product suited for everyday application. Hardly anybody knows that the preservation of the astronauts health beyond the force fields of the earth has led to a new definition of health and illness.


Here is how this happened:
Because of the incalculable side effects it was impossible to treat the astronauts with pharmaceutical substances.


The physicist Prof. Dr. Hans Kempe delivered the solution.
His research projects answered the question about the forces which create new life and bring it into being. He drew the following conclusion:


"Only the forces which can give life, can keep it healthy."


In order to understand this statement we need to look back on the origin of our world:
Creative energy, combined with the knowledge of the universe, has created our Planet Earth with all its qualities and creatures. Cosmic-intelligent-physical forces are still directing the development of land, water, plants and all other living beings of our earth.
Every grain of sand, every drop of water, every cell of living beings on our earth consists of creative-intelligent-universe-matter!
Called CIUM.
This, now "earthly", matter can only remain functioning creatively if it is constantly connected to and recharged by the intelligent universal energy.
For this purpose every particle of matter, every drop of water, every plant cell and every organic cell has a positive-negative-polarity. Through these poles everything on earth and in the universe is interconnected and everything on earth and in the universe is connected to the stream of cosmic energy and the stream of data.


How does this relate to your health?
Every healthy cell of a living being is polarized in a plus/minus manner and produces its own energy.
Through this properly polarized "management connection" within the organism the cell receives information about its tasks and is linked with CIUM, the creative-intelligent-universal-matter-energy-and data stream net.
All the healthy single cells are united in cellular systems and perform healthy functioning maintenance, depuration, purification and repair work. The emotional balance and well being probably depends on healthy cells as well.


Disorders arise when cells are changing their polarity:
Cells with a minus/minus polarity are not healthy.
They are "switched off" and disconnected from the field of information CIUM. They cannot receive working instructions from the organic system and they do not produce any energy. On the contrary, caused by the wrong "management connection" they demand 2-5-fold of their usual power demand from their cell surroundings.
Malfunctions in the surroundings can be the result. In the long run they can cause chronic disorders.


Another injurious variation are the cells which have changed their polarity to plus/plus.
They are "short circuit cells" which
"overheat". They have no negative pole and take from their cell surroundings 6-80-fold of their usual power demand. The organism which contains plus/plus polarized cellular systems collapses after a while by complete energy loss or energy deprivation.


For better understanding let us give you an example from everyday life:
A battery-operated device functions only if the battery cells with the plus-minus poles are inserted in the right direction. When they are inserted
minus to minus, nothing will work. Inserting the batteries plus pole to plus pole is even more problematic. The device can overheat and be destroyed by short circuit.


What causes the pole reversal of originally healthy cells?
Whether cells are changing their polarity easily or not, is a question of the physical constitution of the individual. Beside panic, shock, fear, pharmaceutical drugs, stress etc
. the electromagnetic fields, artificially created by humans, are the main cause of a reverse in the polarity of organic cells.
Until 150 years ago there existed maybe 2 different electromagnetic fields in the environment against which the organism had to protect his cells. Every organism learned to equip itself with a self-produced electromagnetic field as a protective shield. With the help of CIUM the healthy cells with
a plus/minus polarity could keep up the connection and be "reloaded" with intelligent elementary information.
Today we have between 500,000 and 800,000 different, artificially generated electromagnetic oscillations.
The mobile phone radiation level of present day mobile phones and smart phones are
even emitting waves in the microwave frequency range.
To withstand this overpowering electromagnetic pressure from the outside, the organ system
"hardens" its own protective shield.
As a result the healthy cells with a plus/minus polarity are hardly able to keep up the connection with the CIUM, the creative intelligent universal energy in order "to reload" themselves. Step by step the energy production of the cells decreases and their intelligence, the ability to RECOGNISE, when and how they have to function, declines.
According to this new definition of health and illness the question arises, whether or not a pole reversal back to a healthy plus/minus polarity condition in the cells is possible.
Up till now it is not possible by means of injections or pills, to reverse an unhealthy polarity to a healthy one.


Only the forces which can give life, can keep it healthy.


According to the research results of the physicist Prof. Dr. Hans Kempe, out of 108 elements in the periodic system of elements 62 elements are responsible for the composition of human (organic) life.
To guarantee the life of the cell, an absolutely precise mixing ratio of this 62 elementary
informations is required.
Prof. Kempe has deciphered this life regulating mixing ratio and is able, academically and technically, to program this knowledge electronically. In nature-identical steps he can transfer this elementary information, which has been rhythmized after a special pattern, to the bodily fluids (cellular fluids) by means of a double pulse generator.

So the healthy plus/minus polarized cells receive the knowledge how they CAN RECOGNISE cells with a wrong polarisation, and how they can, by means of specific impulses, reverse/repair the polarisation to a healthy plus/minus polarisation. In which order and at what time this happens, depends on the constitution of the individual.
As a result of 30 years of research Prof. Kempe has developed the small Geno62-Sonic device. By head- or earphones and ultrasonic-bodypads the elementary information, which we have lost, can be reloaded in a life like manner.

"Only the forces which can give life, can keep it healthy!"


How does energy-medicine work?


Although in everyday practise they all work in different manners, nevertheless all representatives of the energy-medicine share the basic understanding of a person as a "living energy field" or at least as an organism, whose essential control elements are of energetic nature. Although scientifically we are still only able to understand this to some degree, the empiric knowledge has been used since millenniums in many cultures and is deeply rooted in the art of healing by experience.


To put it simply, there are three causes of diseases from the viewpoint of energy-medicine:


1. Exposure to a disease-causing frequency


e.g., electric smog just as negative thoughts, psychic stress or chemical substances. (At last also chemical reactions in receptors in the body are energetic processes.) The negative interference must be removed or neutralized.


2. The absence of a "healthy" frequency"


So-called bio-photons from natural food (or pure water ...editor´s note) for example, but also the energy arising from a healthy sexuality, as well as the energy arising from loving affection. Deficits must be compensated.


3. Wrong distribution of energy


If the energy in the body of a person is not distributed evenly and harmoniously and this is not corrected, in the end, illness is unavoidable. This is explained here with the exemplary case of a migraine. "The red" energy which should actually be concentrated in the pelvis, is concentrated in the head instead. Now the therapist will try to reach a well-balanced energy distribution with the means available to him. The acupuncturist would apply needles, the Shiatsu therapist would press certain points in the body, and the healer would remove, for example, by pulling out of energy from the knees the excess energy in the head and relieve the pain. For a lasting solution he would, probably by applying a specific energy, try to remove a (mostly existing) blockade in the cervical area or work on other causes. And, finally, he would show to the patient how he can avoid future discomfort.


Today - in 2013 - after 25-years of research by Prof. Hans J. Kempe (VEN) and his team in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics and also theology - we know:


  • Diabetes is a very much misinterpreted illness, which is medically and but above all, pharmacologically treated in the wrong way!

  • Diabetes not a medical illness like presumed, but a biophysical-energetic problem!

  • Diabetes is a problem of cell-structural information exchange between the glucose molecules and the insulin-producing organs, caused by energy loss in the human organism!


Diabetes (the illness) is incurable - but avoidable!


What methods are there?


Beside a huge number of energy-medical therapies like homoeopathy, Bach flowers, acupuncture, tissue salts, Chi gong etcetera, the Genopuls therapy with the Geno62-Sonic device is in great demand.


Help yourself and your family to avoid energetic irregularities in the body



Start now; because today is the first day of the rest of your life.


Prof. Hans J. Kempe (VEN)



Scientist & inventor
of the CIUM - Genopuls technology
... and everything started in 1963....!

Title of his thesis in 1979 as a physicist!


"Creative intelligent universal matter" 



From US-Aerospace Industry in 1980-1991
First successes with the PXL-100-Genopuls
Research projects and studies in different
medical centres and countries, like Charité Berlin,
Wicker clinic, Switzerland, Russia....



Since 11/2/2011 retired – off we go!


Managing Director:


Research centre
Marktstr. 24
D - 27333 Buecken


phone.: 0180-3-867546-1*
fax: 0180-3-867546-2*
(*max. 0.09€ / min. German land line, Mobile max. 0.42€ / min.)




UHPO German division
Secretary general
UHPO (CD) Ltd.
Marktstrasse 24
27333 Buecken / Germany


Tel.: (49) 4251-672312
email: info@national-heritage.org.uk
Website: www.national-heritage.org.uk




Research / development:

- alternative healing methods

- Instruments, which on frequency-technological basis integrates the person as a
  part  of the whole and preserves the creative state "healthy"

- Invention - development - making ready for the market of the Geno62-Sonic
  and the  Ciumatic DIA

Academic distinctions:

- Scientist of the year 2006 / Cambridge / England
- Cambridge IBC Blue Book in 2008 / Hall of Fame
- Einstein award in 2009 for the invention of the Genopuls



Draft of a petition of a non-governmental organization (NGO) for the change of the legal status of the diplomacy between NGO's and state institutions of the member countries of the United Nations




Announcement of the realization within the scope of the human rights convention UNO-RESOLUTION 217 A (III) from the 10th of December, 1948; in connection with the CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS StF: BGBl. No. 210/1958 (NO.: REV. GP VIII 459 from 509 p. 63. BR: S. 137.)


Author of the petition: Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe, German citizen, general manager of United Heritage Protection Organization Diplomatic Corps Limited, London / UK

United Nation Headquarter, 405 E 42Nd Saint, New York, NY 10017, the United States of America


Dear Mr. UN-General secretary Ban Ki-moon,

Respect and the deepest admiration for your achievements for the benefit of all people in this world!

The reason for this petition is a frightening number of criminal actions against employees of NGO´s in international business operations. No matter whether UN-Peace Keeper, members of the Red Cross, human rights activists or NGO's with direct duties for the protection of people in need in Africa or Asia. The number of aggressive actions against these helping hands have increased alarmingly during the last years. NGO – Employees are arrested without reason, locked up and condemned, often on the grounds of "spying" or because of missing of official identity documents.

All states of this world communicate with each other and above all among each other in the most different forms of diplomacy. Groups of NGO´s have proved to be dependable and equal partners on all levels and areas of the international politics, security, human rights. Particularly in the humanitarian area. The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Bread for the World, Green Peace and thousands of others are constantly fighting to end suffering, hunger and illnesses. It is us who are performing humanitarian aid in war zones, it is us, who are standing on the front line in direct contact with people in need.

Thanks to state diplomacy many of our activities have become possible. Now it is time, to give us also the necessary protection and the same security in the form of an approved CD-commercial diplomacy NGO for personal, authorized identification!

That's why the legal department of my NGO has compiled this petition with regulations for its realization which I hereby bring to your attention in excerpts.

UHPO Diplomatic corps guidelines


The word Diplomacy is not a legal term, but a special form of communication between states and their institutions.



Diplomacy is a form of communication with no relevance to the state power or legislation.



Every organization, governmental or non governmental, which gives humanitarian aid outside of its country / company office / should receive documents marked as diplomatic for personal identification.



The possession of the CD marked working documents does not grant diplomatic immunity.



Every country which invites NGO´s should accept the CD-working documents.



CD-working documents are no travel documents like a passport.



When crossing borders or countries every NGO employee must identify himself with official travel documents according to the regulations in his country of residence or origin.



The UHPO-CD Limited receives the right and the official approval to issue the CD-working-documents for all NGO's and to document this.



The CD-working documents are freely available for all NGO employees. As a general rule it is prohibited that CD-working documents are issued outside of the NGO family.



Data protection is guaranteed for every applicant under the regulations of the UHPO diplomatic guidelines.



Diplomatic working documents for NGO's must be in a form easily distinguishable from other documents of state diplomacy.



As a document the following identification papers should be issued: CD-working passport, CD-ID card and CD driving licence



The following titles* should be used:

Instead of ambassadors - mission commissioner

Instead of consul - mission representative

All the others - mission secretary

*titles are the same for both genders



Taking into account the UN resolution 217 A (III) from the 10th of December, 1948, §1 and §7 all diplomatic NGO documents should be recognized internationally.



No country or their political entities are entitled to confiscate or to ignore diplomatic NGO documents.


All documents are currently in process! My team will provide them to you for checking and utilization in a due time.


Yours faithfully,


Hans-Joachim Kempe


Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe general manager, Mission UHOPDC Limited Mission commissioner

London, 2/19/2013


The general declaration of the human rights UN resolution 217 A (III) from the 10th of December, 1948


UHPO (CD) Ltd.

United Kingdom:

United Heritage Protection Organization (Diplomatic corps) Ltd.

Headquarter: 145-157 Saint John Street,

London, EC1V 4PW


UHPO Germany division:

Secretary general


Marktstrasse 24

27333 Buecken / Germany


Tel.: (49) 4251-672312

email: info@national-heritage.org.uk

Website: www.national-heritage.org.uk


The United Heritage Protection Organization (DC) Ltd is a „non governmental organization“ (NGO) and is in alliance with many like-minded, humanitarian and internationally operating NGO's in more than 120 countries (examples of NGO's are: Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, Bread for the World, UNICEF, helpdirekt......)


With 257 country representatives worldwide it is the responsible coordinator for the sharing of scientific knowledge and technologies in the field of the medicine of information.


The primary task on a global scale is concentrating on the presentation of the Geno62-Sonic and the Ciumatic DIA.

What is Genopuls technology?


The following questions and answers apply equally for the Geno62-Sonic and the Ciumatic DIA.


What means Geno62?

Geno62 means impulses generated by genes. They are a composition of frequencies consisting of the 62 main frequencies.


What are Geno62 sound files?

The Geno62 sound files are a composition of 62 different frequencies according to the research results of Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe (VEN) and the Genopuls theory. They lie in the frequency range of 20 - 20,000 hertz. This is the range in which all conventional musical compositions are played by standard amplifiers.


What is the secret behind Geno62?


Which differences exist compared with other compositions?

The reaction of the body does not only depend on the frequency. In addition and with the same importance it depends on the relations of the different frequencies to each other, as well as on the chronological sequences and the amplitude relations between the frequencies, so that the body is able to understand the information and to process it.


What does the body do with this information?

The information is sent into the cellular fluid. Every cell within the body is connected with the cell fluid. The communication between the cells happens exclusively through the cell fluid. Triggered by external information the body is activating its internal controlling and supervision functions and, if necessary, activates its own self-repair and healing programmes.


Several thousand years ago Chinese doctors already described this as follows: "The root cause of every disease is an energetic blockade within the body."

Geno62 helps the body to remove these blockades and to reorganize its internal communication.


Is the Geno62 device able to cure illnesses, for example, diabetes, MS or cancer?

NO! Frequency or frequency mixtures do not cure any conditions or illnesses. They only make it easier for the body to cure himself, which should actually be the principal purpose of any medical treatment or therapy. They make it easier for the body to track down energetic blockades or communication problems and repair them. If the body has solved these problems, varied positive results can originate from this. Actually nobody is able to predict what will happen. The body has its own list of priorities and this must not be identically with that of the patient. The human body is a very complicated system consisting of biological, chemical, physical and energetic processes.


Why should anybody use the Geno62?

Prevention is the best therapy. Geno62 can help the body to avoid energetic blockades or internal communication problems to manifest and to become chronic.


How is the Geno62 applied?

The normal use happens by means of customary earphones and the device´s ultrasonic pads. It does not make a difference whether the earphones are attached to the ears or at the side in the neck, or if the pads are put on the feet or hands. It can also be utilized on a region with pain. Different signals are played on both canals. It is recommended to change the earphones every now and then - right earphone on left body side, left earphone on right body side and later switch around again. As pictured in the graphics the waves are spreading evenly over the whole body and cause he cell fluids to vibrate.


How often should the Geno62 be applied?

Begin with a treatment every second day. After 4 applications increase the break to 4 days and repeat the whole procedure for 3 times. After that 4 applications per week. Later use it once a week or when acute discomfort appears according to your needs.

Nos aides en chemin au rétablissement de l'humanité




The GENOPULS technology




The Geno62-Sonic is an ultrasonic generator with an integrated audio-player. The frequencies which are stored on a chip are being transfered with the help of earphones and ultrasound-pads into the body and therefore into the cellular fluid of every cell absolutely free of any side effects.


All basic frequencies are connected with each other.


The information frequencies from the creative spectrum of the 62 chemical elements are converted digitally into sound frequencies, and are then modulated and transmitted by means of earphones and 2 ultrasonic-pads to the body parts which should be treated therapeutically with frequencies.




Frequencies or frequency mixtures do not cure any conditions or illnesses. They are helping the body in an easy manner to start its own process of self healing and they support him. Therefore it is made easier for the body to track down energetic blockades or "communication problems" between the cells and repairing them.


The programmed frequencies in the Geno62-Sonic enable the healthy cells "to see" an "abnormality" in the organism and to take countermeasures immediately.


Memory chip - Geno62-Sonic Kempe




Genolight - 45 min. - all-round package


for the whole body (all 62 frequencies)





On this chip there are individual programmes with frequencies for individual body regions or organ systems


General (Gen) - general frequency

Para - general frequency of the parasympathetic nervous system


Additional Information:

The parasympathetic nervous system is a part of the vegetative nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system is also called recreational nerve because he puts the body in the mood for rest and recovery. He is the opponent to the sympathetic nervous system. Furthermore the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for example for digestion and also for reproduction.


Aca - Anti Carcinoma frequency

Prosta - prostate gland frequency

Ciumatic DIA

The Ciumatic DIA has the same functionality as the Geno62. The only difference is, that here the special 62 frequencies are stored directly in the device. This device has a built-in battery which lasts for 48 hours and is therefore easy to use and has a functional design. The Ciumatic DIA is offered primarily by the UHPO (CD) Ltd. in cooperation with the WHO for the global demand - especially for diabetes patients.


Disclaimer of liability and remarks

The Geno62 does not heal, it does not cure and it is not a medical device. Geno62 is no substitute for necessary medical or psychological diagnoses or treatments. It is recommended to let a doctor and / or therapist clarify present discomfort.

Derzeit leben (geschätzt) heute 7.719.750.000 auf dieser Welt,


davon sind ca. 503 Mio. Diabetiker,

ca. 600 Mio. Demenz Kranke,

und ca. 1 Milliarde Krebskranke in ärztlicher Behandlung.


Bis 2030 wird diese Zahl der Diabetiker auf 800 Mio. steigen,

ca. 110 Mio. in Europa und über 14 Mio. allein in Deutschland.


Bis 2050 rechnen Experten mit einem Anstieg von Kranken in ärztlicher Behandlung auf 3.5 Milliarden, kalkuliert aus den 2015 amtlichen bestätigten ambulanten Behandlungen weltweit von 8.2 Milliarden, allein in Deutschland gab es laut Apotheken-Umschau und staatlichen Angaben 658 Millionen ambulante Behandlungen zwischen 2014-2015! (und das bei unter 80 Millionen Bürgern in der BRD!)


Tendenz bei allen Erkrankungen signifikant steigend.


Wollen Sie ausschließlich der Schulmedizin vertrauen?

Nehmen Sie die Verantwortung für Ihre Gesundheit selbst in die Hand.


"Man sollte nie dem Glauben
verfallen, eine kleine Gruppe ideenreicher,
engagierter Leute
könnte die Welt nicht ändern.
Tatsächlich wurde sie nie
durch etwas anderes geändert!"
Margaret Mead